University of Tennessee Recruitment FAQ Page

How many Fraternities are on campus? 

  • The University of Tennessee currently has 20 chartered fraternities, and growing!

Where do I go to sign up for Fall/Spring Recruitment? 

  • Registration will open June 1st right here on this site! Go to the Recruitment tab and click “Registration”.

Where can I go to contact fraternity presidents/alumni advisors?

  • All information regarding fraternities will be located under the “Fraternities” tab, information regarding chapter contact info is included.

Where are the governing documents for IFC located?

  • The governing documents for the Interfraternity Council are located amongst the first page of the site, under the “Home” tab. This includes the IFC constitution, Recruitment Regulations, BYOB policy, and Boxing Weekend policies.

What is the financial commitment to joining a fraternity?

  • Each fraternity contains a separate policy on their financial commitment. The typical range for dues is anywhere from $500-$2000/semester, each chapter’s specific amount is on the “Fraternities” page.

What does formal recruitment look like?

  • A layout of formal recruitment is displayed underneath the “Recruitment” tab under schedule. These dates are still being determined as the University picks the dates for move-in.

What is the recommended attire?

  • We recommend anything from gym shorts and a t-shirt to a golf polo and khaki shorts for the first four rounds. Preference day requires formal attire, khakis pants, loafers, blazer, and a tie. 

Does every fraternity on campus have a house?

  • No, 17 out of the 20 chapters on campus have a house

What is the required GPA?

  • The required High School GPA is a 2.75.

How much does it cost to go through recruitment?

  • With certain recruitment details up in the air we have narrowed down the cost to be between $80-$100. 

Do you need professional recommendations?

  • You are not required to have recommendations for any chapters on campus.