IFC Fraternities

Total Chapters: 20

Average GPA: 2.99

Average Chapter Size: 97

*Chapter Size including new members as of 9/16/19*

Alpha Epsilon Pi

Psi Deuteron

Nickname: A-E-Pi
Colors: Gold and Blue
Symbols/Mascot: Lion
Philanthropy: Repair the World Fund
National Founding: 1913
UT Founding: 1949
Chapter Size: 19

Alpha Gamma Rho

Alpha Kappa Chapter

Nickname: A-G-R
Colors: Dark Green and Gold
Symbols/Mascot: Sickle and Sheaf of Wheat
Philanthropy: St. Jude’s Children’s Research
National Founding: 1904
UT Founding: 1951
Chapter Size: 109

Alpha Tau Omega

Pi Chapter

Nickname: A-T-O
Colors: Azure Blue and Old Gold
Symbols/Mascot: Heraldic Cross Pattee
National Founding: 1865
UT Founding: 1872
Chapter Size: 182

Beta Theta Pi

Delta Kappa Chapter

Nickname: Beta
Colors: Light Pink and Light Blue
Symbols/Mascot: Dragon
Philanthropy: Sexual Assault Center
National Founding: 1839
UT Founding: 1967
Chapter Size: 62

Beta Upsilon Chi

Alpha Zeta Chapter

Nickname: BYX
Colors: Purple & White
Symbols/Mascot:Chalice & Dove
Philanthropy: KARM
National Founding: 1985
UT Founding: 2012
Chapter Size: 148

Chi Phi

Phi Delta Chapter

Nickname: Chi Phi
Colors: Scarlet and Blue
Symbols/Mascot: Chakett
Philanthropy: Boys and Girls Club
National Founding: 1824
UT Founding: 1969
Chapter Size: 36

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Lambda Tau Colony

Nickname: Deke
Colors: Azure, Or, and Gules
Symbols/Mascot: Rampant Lion
Philanthropy: Rampant Lion Foundation
National Founding: 1844
UT Founding: 2014
Chapter Size: 25

Delta Tau Delta

Delta Delta Chapter

Nickname: Delt
Colors: Royal Purple, White, and Gold
Symbols/Mascot: Purple Iris
Philanthropy: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
National Founding: 1858
UT Founding: 1924
Chapter Size: 178



Nickname: FarmHouse
Colors: Green, Gold, and White
Symbols/Mascot: Sickle and Sheaf
Philanthropy: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
National Founding: 1905
UT Founding: 1959
Chapter Size: 16

Kappa Alpha Order

Pi Chapter

Nickname: K-A
Colors: Crimson and Old Gold
Symbols/Mascot: Magnolia Flower
Philanthropy: Muscular Dystrophy Association
National Founding: 1865
UT Founding: 1883
Chapter Size: 168

Kappa Sigma

Lambda Chapter

Nickname: Kappa Sig
Colors: Scarlet, White, and Emerald Green
Symbols/Mascot: The Star and Crescent
Philanthropy: Kappa Sigma Military Heroes
National Founding: 1869
UT Founding: 1880
Chapter Size: 174

Phi Delta Theta

Tennessee Gamma Chapter

Nickname: Phi Delt
Colors: Azure Blue and Argent White
Symbols/Mascot: Owl
Philanthropy: ALS
National Founding: 1848
UT Founding: 1963
Chapter Size: 38

Phi Gamma Delta

Kappa Tau Chapter

Nickname: Fiji
Colors: Royal Purple
Symbols/Mascot: Snowy White Owl
Philanthropy: Fiji Island Week benefiting the USO
National Founding: 1848
UT Founding: 1890
Chapter Size: 74

Phi Kappa Psi

Tennessee Epsilon Chapter

Nickname: Phi Psi
Colors: Cardinal Red and Hunter Green
Symbols/Mascot: Jacqueminot Rose
Philanthropy: Red Cross
National Founding: 1852
UT Founding: 1967
Chapter Size: 28

Phi Kappa Tau

Delta Kappa Colony

Nickname: Phi Tau
Colors: Harvard Red and Old Gold
Symbols/Mascot: Red Carnation
Philanthropy: SeriousFun Network
National Founding: 1906
Chapter Size: 38

Pi Kappa Alpha

Zeta Colony

Nickname: Pike
Colors: Garnet and Gold
Symbols/Mascot: Lily of the Valley
Philanthropy: Taylor Trudeau Cycle for Life
National Founding: 1868
UT Founding: 1874
Chapter Size: 147

Pi Kappa Phi

Alpha Sigma Chapter

Nickname: Pi Kapp
Colors: White, Gold, and Royal Blue
Symbols/Mascot: The Star and Lamp
Philanthropy: The Ability Experience
National Founding: 1904
UT Founding: 1931
Chapter Size: 48

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Tennessee Kappa Chapter

Nickname: S-A-E
Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold
Symbols/Mascot: Lion
Philanthropy: Big Brothers/Big Sisters
National Founding: 1856
UT Founding: 1879
Chapter Size: 165

Sigma Nu

Epsilon Eta Chapter

Nickname: Sigma Nu
Colors: Black and Gold
Symbols/Mascot: Knight's Helmet
Philanthropy: Camp Koinonia
National Founding: 1869
UT Founding: 1921
Chapter Size: 144

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Tennessee Alpha

Nickname: SigEp
Colors: Purple and Red
Symbols/Mascot: Golden Heart
Philanthropy: Big Brothers Big Sisters
National Founding: 1901
UT Founding: 1913
Chapter Size: 165