Myths and the Dos & Don’ts of Recruitment

The Myths

Myth #1  “It costs thousands of dollars per semester to be in a Fraternity”

Most fraternity dues cost $500-$2,000 per semester. This money goes toward the house, when applicable, property taxes, bills, insurance, philanthropic events, mixers, formals, educational programming, and other programs that happen within the organizations.

Myth #2  “Hazing is a big part of Fraternity Life”

Hazing is a crime that will be reported directly to the University. All fraternities’ inter/national headquarters have strict policies that prohibit hazing to the point of disbandment of that fraternity from the University of Tennessee. If you have concerns about hazing, please contact the Office of Sorority & Fraternity Life.

Myth #3  “People say that I am paying for my friends”

Joining a fraternity means that you get a chance to meet thousands of people that are involved in hundreds of different activities. You have the chance to gain knowledge, confidence, and leadership through campus-wide activities. Fraternities offer a platform where young men can receive instructions and know how, from men who have already gone down the college road. Moreover, you are not simply paying for your friends, you are paying for things to do WITH your friends. This includes formals, mixers, tailgates, etc.

Myth #4  “Joining a Fraternity will lower my grades”

NOT TRUE! Students are the only ones who will affect their academic achievement. Fraternities offer opportunities for their members to achieve academically. Fraternities have some of the best scholarship programs at Tennessee. There are tutors available for anyone that is having trouble in a class or any other part of their academic life.

The Dos & Don’ts


DO be genuine

DO mind your “ps” & qs”

DO follow instructions from Recruitment Staff

DO research fraternities

DO ask questions

DO be on time

DO eat & hydrate

DO stay comfortable

DO trust the process

DO keep an open mind

DO ask for help

DO get plenty of sleep


DON’T miss the PNM Orientation

DON’T “badmouth” any fraternity

DON’T participate in ANY activity outside of Official Recruitment Events

DON’T stay glued to your phone


DON’T “drop-out” of Recruitment

DON’T break the University of Tennessee Code of Student Conduct

DON’T spread rumors about fraternities