Fraternity Financial Obligations

All fraternities collect a monetary value for membership, normally called “dues”. Dues are used to cover the expenses on the organization and member development. Dues payments can range from $500 to $2000 a semester. It is important to ask the fraternity you are interested in joining how much the financial commitment is a semester.  Generally speaking, the first semester of membership in any organization is the most expensive but decreases after Initiation.

In addition to regular dues, many of the fraternities have a national lifetime registration fee. This fee will cover a variety of expenses which will vary between the different inter/national fraternities. The average lifetime registration fee is $300.

Many fraternities offer scholarships for good grades, senior discounts, and officer discounts. It is your responsibility to ask about these discounts, as they are different for each organization. Payment plans are also available in many organizations.

If you have any questions about the financial commitments in joining an organization, please contact the Vice President of Administration, Brycen Eisenhut.