Fall Recruitment at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville has changed over the past two or so years. Prior to Fall 2018 recruitment was informal, meaning that men who had signed up could go or not go to any house for any duration. Two years ago, the Interfraternity Council at UT made an executive decision to change recruitment to a formal style. This layout included Potential New Members to visit every chapter/colony on campus throughout the first round, allowing each PNM to gain all forms of the fraternity experience. By creating this format, it pushes every PNM to reach out of their comfort zone and experience the community as a whole. Following the first round is a series of “Selection Rounds” made by both the PNM and chapters in order to find the best fit for both groups. This change also prohibits any alcohol consumption by PNM’s, with a harsh penalty enforced against the fraternity if they were to be found guilty. Collectively, we feel this move has created the best opportunity for both sides of recruitment. It also allows for an equal chance between the diverse group of PNMs, especially out-of-state students. Moving forward, we aim to meet the needs of the PNMs as well as the core values held by each chapter here on campus.