Recruitment Registration 

Registration Process

We hope to make the process as easy as as possible for all of our participants. Please never hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions a long the way.

Registration is currently open and closes August 10th, 2018.

Helpful Tips

  • Review all online materials
  • Check the email you provided during registration for additional information about the process.
  • Follow the Interfraternity Council on social media to receive updates.


Must be a male fully admitted at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville as a full-time student for the upcoming semester. Potential New members must also have at least a cumulative 2.50 GPA.

Bridge Students

Students who are provisionally admitted or participating in the Bridge program must be fully admitted prior to registering for fraternity recruitment. In order to be accepted before the August registration deadline you will need to complete your summer course work during Summer I. Sorority & Fraternity Life and UT Admissions can not rush the admissions process to accommodate your participation in Fraternity Recruitment.


Registration closes August 10th, 2018 at 5:00pm. On-site registration is available for an additional fee of $150, and is highly discouraged. On-site registration will be available at 6:00pm at PNM Orientation in the Alumni Memorial Building Auditorium on August 16th.


The one time registration fees associated with Fraternity Recruitment cover transportation, all communication & marketing materials provided to the participant, Sorority & Fraternity Life 101 programming, and two catered meals during fall recruitment. All registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. The registration fees increase schedule is below:

  • Early Registration: $85 until July 13th
  • Standard Registration: $105 until July 27th
  • Late Registration: $125 until August 10th

On-Site registration is HIGHLY discouraged. On-Site registration is $150.

Waiver of Educational Records Privacy

With academics serving as one of the founding values of our community, it is important that fraternities consider your academic performance. The minimum GPA for participating in Recruitment is a 2.50.

As a part of your recruitment registration, we require that you provide permission to the Interfraternity Council to access the academic and conduct information provided to the University of Tennessee at the time of application. That information will be shared with the fraternities at UT.

Upon receiving your registration, we will confirm your academic record with the admissions documents provided at the time of application to ensure that all academic measures are reported accurately. There is no need to send us any additional or hard copy information, unless requested.

Before You Begin Registration

Please have the following available prior to beginning the registration process:

Your Student ID. This must be entered correctly for Recruitment Staff to confirm your enrollment and grades.
Your credit card – we do not accepted checks or cash
Your updated resume/list of activities you have participated in
A digital .jpeg or .gif picture with a maximum size of 4Mb. This should be an appropriate photo of ONLY you. This is what fraternities will use to remember and recruit you.

Read All Directions

Please take the time to read all agreements, directions, help text, and confirmation text. It is all important.

Legacy Information

The information provided in the legacy section of registration will only be used to notify the chapters of connections you have to fraternity life. Legacy information provided will not effect your experience in a negative way.

How to List Activities

This is where information from your resume should be included. Any school, extracurricular, community service activities, etc. Provide only the details requested. Do not repeat information in multiple sections.

Provide the information in the grid provided
Please do not use complete sentences
Type out all acronyms
Descriptions are not necessary for self-explanatory activities


The picture provided should be of good quality (not blurry), portray you in a positive light, have your face clearly visible, and only have the individual who is registering for recruitment in the shot – no one else.

Allowed image types: jpeg, gif
Maximum file size: 4Mb

Emergency Contact

We ask for your emergency contact information incase you are involved in an emergency during the recruitment process. This person you provide does not have to be a parent/guardian, but should be someone that you trust to make decisions for you during an emergency. You cannot enter yourself as an emergency contact.


After reading the above information, click the button below to register.

Register for Recruitment

Recruitment Schedule Conflict

Men with a recruitment schedule conflict must notify the Recruitment Staff by filling out this form.

Recruitment Conflict Form