PNM Recruitment Conflict 

Please use the form below to indicated that you have a conflict with some of the recruitment times. All Potential New Members (PNMs) must fill out the form to inform the Interfraternity Council and its member fraternities that they will be missing a portion of recruitment. If a PNM misses any portion of recruitment without informing the Interfraternity Council Recruitment Staff, using the form below, they may be removed from recruitment.

Information about Recruitment Conflicts

  • Conflicts should typically be for University related requirements. A PNM should not miss any required University event for Recruitment.
  • The conflict will be shared with fraternities. This will allow them to know that the PNM will not be attending their event during that time.
  • Fraternities are encouraged to keep men with conflicts in mind as they make selections each night. However, it is not guaranteed that a PNM will be invited back.
  • The IFC Recruitment Staff is committed to working with the PNMs recruitment schedule to find the most ideal scheduling accommodation for he PNM.
  • PNMs are highly encouraged to communicate any schedule conflicts with the fraternities they are interested in joining.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the IFC Recruitment Staff at

PNM Recruitment Conflict Form
This should be the first name provided during recruitment registration.
This should be the last name provided during recruitment registration.